How powerful is the Iron Man Gloves?

How come in Avengers: Endgame when Hulk wore the gauntlet, it was doing damage to him even before he snapped, but when Tony Stark wore it, it didn’t do damage until he snapped?

Ah, but the stones did do damage to him, even before the billionaire snapped!

Look back to the scene in which the green man makes the penultimate snap.

Notice that, when Hulk tries to take the snap, energy is surging through the gauntlet, right into his bicep and upper shoulder area, charring his skin blacker with every passing second.

This is because the power being generated by the stones was too great for a an average 2-foot nano tech gauntlet to contain. So vast quantities of electricity seeped out, being absorbed by poor Banner's skin in the process.

However, Tony's "gauntlet" was different.

Notice how, even though traces of energy run up to his shoulder and neck areas, they don't leave any visible signs of burning.

Instead, the suit itself lights up and takes the damage for him.

(Notice the blue tears around the chest area of the suit)

That's because instead of making a single glove to contain all that power, Tony’s entire suit was created to be one massive infinity gauntlet!

It absorbed and distributed the power from his knuckles throughout his armor, lessening the effects of equipping the stones.

Did it still cause him a lot of pain? Undoubtedly. It's clearly visible as the stones fall into their sockets:

What’s more, if one looks closely, you can see the veins around Tony’s neck slowly lighting up as he readies for the snap- much like Bruce’s did before him.

But by virtue of his more advanced suit, simply equipping the stones didn't take as much of a toll on him as it did Bruce Banner. The Mk. 85 weakened their effects, causing him to burn up at a much slower rate.

However, I have the same gloves as in the movie. The material of this glove is PVC.

Kid ironman cosplay glove

It's easy to clean,wear and remove.
With LED makes it brighter and more attractive if you want to catch other's eyes in crowd,especially at night.
Exquisite craftsmanship and detailed painting make it more similar to the original.
This gauntlet can be used as an ornament in the room or add to your collections.
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