What is "black man carrying coffin"?

This video of dancing with a coffin came from a report from the BBC that introduced a local coffin dance in the Republic of Ghana. People would hire a professional coffin carrying team to send off their loved ones in this cheerful form.

The reason why the coffin dance appeared in Ghana is related to the unique local death culture.

The "Coffin Dance Black Cap" in their team also became popular.

In Ghana, a funeral is a very important ceremony and a very important social occasion. A funeral can sometimes last for many days.

The Ghanaian people are also more open to death. They believe that death is not the end of a person, but a journey to the ancestral world. Therefore, people will make beautiful coffins to send their family to the last journey.

These coffins have a variety of appearances, some are animal-themed, some look like cars and planes, and some are even packed into mobile phones, cameras and Coca-Cola. Anything the deceased likes or wants can be a coffin.

The standard soundtrack "Astronomia" in the black coffin video is also indispensable. The magical brainwashing electronic sound has played a very good tandem role. The rhythm and video are seamlessly matched, and it has become one of the souls of black coffin video.

The severity of the global epidemic situation has also allowed black people to spread their coffins and spread it more widely, because many people can only stay at home and brush their phones. Interesting pictures and videos are what they need most.

For many people, black coffin lifting is a kind of self-relaxation. The epidemic has claimed the lives of countless people, not to mention that more people may die in the future, and death will be around people.

In this environment, death begins to become data, and people living between fear, grief, and numbness naturally hope to find some way to temporarily forget these.

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